Classes or Privates?

Classes or Privates?

When starting a Pilates practice, many clients aren’t sure if they should do group classes or private training. The first consideration should always be your budget and time commitment. We recommend doing Pilates 2-3 times per week to get the maximum benefit. Group classes are a more affordable option and at Loudoun Pilates we offer group classes on all the different types of equipment as well as the mat. Group Pilates classes often have more flow and typically follow a set routine based on the level and class type.

Private instruction will give you a more individualized program. The teacher can make more corrections and design a lesson around your specific needs and goals. Private lessons are encouraged if you have a current injury or are rehabilitating from a recent injury.  Aside from injury concerns, the choice of taking classes or privates comes down to individual preference.  Some clients will stick to either classes or privates while others will do a combination of the two.

If you do decide to take group classes primarily, we still do strongly encourage everyone to take a private lesson once in a while to get some personalized feedback, which you can then utilize and apply in your group classes. Regardless of the session type you choose, frequency is the ultimate key to getting results!

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3 thoughts on “Classes or Privates?

  1. How much do the private classes go for? I am presently going through physical therapy for back. Due to major surgery last year and having no core strength.

  2. Would love to do a private for my mom, who is elderly with arthrithis but was active and athletic in her life time.
    Also, I would love to introduce it to my son who plays competitive basketball, suffers from injuries, alot of stiff and sore muscles regularly.

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