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Loudoun Pilates is a classically-inspired studio dedicated to utilizing the Pilates Method as a tool to teach movement to our clients and restore strength, alignment, and health to the body.

Our small group classes and individualized private lessons mean you will receive the attention and corrections that your body needs.  Whether you are recovering from an injury, seeking relief from back pain or an avid athlete looking for that missing link, we have something to meet your goals.  You will receive a customized, high-quality Pilates experience all while becoming a part of our casual, community-focused atmosphere.  We look forward to welcoming you to the studio!

Getting Started

Ready to try Pilates? Check out our introduction offers and how to get started with us today: Getting started with Pilates.

Session Types

We offer a wide range of session types to meet your every need. Find what is best for you: Session Types.


Learn more about Pilates, our studio, and everything you need to know before your first lesson: Pilates FAQ.

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Recent Posts

  • 20 Reasons to do Pilates in 2020

    1. Enhance core strength Pilates is all about the core, baby!  Our philosophy is that moving from a strong and controlled core is the essence of exercise and living a healthy life.  But don’t think it’s all fancy sit-ups…Pilates will help you develop a strong core in an array of movements and positions! 2. Strengthen … Read More

  • Pilates Props During Quarantine

    Pilates Props During Quarantine

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