Loudoun Pilates is a bright, spacious studio fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

4 Reformer/Tower combo systems

5 Low Chairs

2 Cadillacs

5 Fuse Ladders

1 High Ladder Barrel

12 Mats

Miscellaneous equipment including small barrels, spine correctors, foam rollers, magic circles, balls, support pillows, and more.

In addition to our main equipment room, we also have a large, open room for our mat Pilates classes.  Our lounge area allows room for clients to wait for their sessions without disrupting ongoing classes and appointments.  We look forward to having you at the studio!

“Everything about Loudoun Pilates is great. The studio is beautiful and the teacher’s are incredibly knowledgeable. The whole atmosphere is fun, relaxed and not pretentious at all. I’m so happy I found this place!”
– Margaret Putland