Kathy Grant Legacy

The Kathy Grant Legacy continued…


KathyCaraKathy Grant was a first-generation master Pilates instructor who learned the method directly from its creator, Joseph Pilates. Like so many others, Kathy discovered Pilates in an effort to recover from an injury in the 1950s and worked with Joseph Pilates until she was able to recover and successfully return to dancing. Kathy went on to teach Pilates and carried on the traditions of Joseph Pilates while also creating her own unique exercises and legacy. She was one of only two teachers who Joseph Pilates actually certified to teach Pilates. Known for her ‘cats’, ‘balls’ and ‘straps’, the Kathy Grant work encourages an active exploration of proper movement patterns in a playful, experiential environment.

pilates trainingStudio owner Amy Hershey has studied the Kathy Grant work extensively under the guidance and mentorship of one of Kathy’s most renowned students, Cara Reeser. As a graduate of the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program®, Amy is devoted to carrying on and sharing the traditions of Kathy Grant by infusing the material in both her own practice and teachings in an effort to enhance well-known Pilates exercises.

PilatesTraining2“I have had the privilege in my career of working with some of the most distinguished teachers in the industry. They have shaped me into the teacher I am today and continue to inspire me every day. It is not just about teaching Pilates, it is about sharing the traditions and legacies of those brilliant minds that came before me.” – Amy Hershey