Each of our comprehensively trained teachers bring their own distinctive experiences, expertise, and personality to every session.  We go beyond teaching ‘exercises’ and focus on helping our clients understand their unique bodies through movement. Regardless of age or experience, our team is committed to guiding you to reach your specific goals. 

Amy Hershey – NCPT

OWNER Amy Hershey holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado.  While attending college, Amy began her journey as a student of Pilates to enhance her love of rock climbing.  She took her Pilates practice to the next level by graduating from The Pilates Centers’ 950-hour Advanced Teacher Training Program in Boulder, CO. Following her graduation, Amy began deepening her understanding of Pilates and movement by studying extensively under the mentorship of Cara Reeser. She is graduate of The Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program and holds a certificate as a Specialist in Pilates-Based Exercises for Neurological Conditions. Amy is also the owner and founder of Pilates for Lyme Disease, which serves as a platform for educating Pilates teachers on the complexities of working with clients who have Lyme Disease.  She is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher and also serves as a NCPT continuing education provider.

Amy brings years of experience, as well as enthusiasm and passion to properly educate, guide, and encourage each of her clients on their health and wellness journey. Her extensive trainings have given Amy a profound appreciation for the transformational capabilities of Pilates. Having worked with everyone from elite athletes to people recovering from serious injury, Amy’s focus on the subtle, refined movements of the human body lead to big changes in her clients.  Despite being extremely detailed oriented in her teaching, her laid-back personality keeps Amy’s sessions fun and personable. Keep up with Amy’s Pilates projects and musings on her Instagram account!

Amy lives on a horse farm in Middleburg, VA with her husband, two sons, and their 3 dogs, 6 horses, 4 cats, and 1 mini donkey. She is passionate about helping animals and families whose pets who are undergoing cancer treatments. When she has free time (which rarely happens) Amy enjoys riding her horses, hiking and really, really loves sleeping.

“Amy is so focused and has such a keen eye. Her touch adjustments and cues are very helpful, and I feel like she’s particularly gifted at identifying causes and trying solutions.” – Lindsay O’Connor

Valerie Armstead

Val was introduced to Pilates while attending college at George Mason University, where she received a B.A. in English and a minor in dance. She has taught children’s dance for more than a decade. After taking years of Pilates lessons herself, Val completed the Power Pilates Comprehensive Training Program in 2005. In the time she has been teaching, Val has worked with array of different clients ranging from professional athletes to children and the elderly. Val runs the prenatal and postpartum classes at Loudoun Pilates. Having had 3 children of her own, she is keenly aware of the challenges faced both in pregnancy and prenatal recovery. Val’s dedication, compassionate teaching style, and vast experience working with different body types give her the ability adapt to the needs of each individual client. She enjoys getting to know her students and watching their bodies change from using The Pilates method.

Val currently lives in Leesburg, VA with her husband and children. When she isn’t teaching Pilates Val is busy being a full-time mom. She spends most of her days cleaning, cooking, organizing and being a professional chauffeur for her 3 children. If there is ever a free moment in her hectic life, Val is also an avid runner.

“I have been so excited with the strength Pilates has given me back after three back surgeries. I love working with Val! She has done more for me than Physical Therapy at getting my strength back.” – Dawn Deihl

Kate O’Harra

core teching

Kate O’Harra began taking Pilates classes in 2001 and immediately loved both the challenges and benefits of the different exercises. Upon moving to New York City in 2005, Kate decided to take her interest in Pilates to the next level and enrolled in the Power Pilates Comprehensive Training Program. After completing her certification, Kate continued to teach for Power Pilates until moving back to Annapolis in 2007, where she worked for Evolutions Body Clinic before joining Loudoun Pilates in 2015. Kate’s favorite part of teaching is guiding clients to that ‘ah-ha’ moment when everything clicks and they discover a new understanding of an exercise and their bodies. In addition to Pilates, Kate is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys yoga, hiking, running, and TRX training. Her love of fitness is apparent in her teaching style. Kate’s classes are focused, challenging and invigorating as she aims to increase the strength of all her clients.

She currently lives in Purcellville with her husband, and their son. Kate is passionate about animals and has 2 rescue pit bulls and 2 cats. She loves the Redskins and really loves to workout so she can eat more pizza. Specifically, cheese pizza from Harris Teeter!

Shannon Good

Shannon was born and raised in Ashburn, VA. Her journey to Pilates began while recuperating from chronic Lyme disease. She found that Pilates helped manage her pain and allowed her to feel healthy again after a 4-year battle with the disease. Inspired by her own recovery, Shannon obtained her Pilates certification through Peak Pilates in 2017 while mentoring under Kathryn Coyle. Pilates played a essential role in Shannon’s recovery and she is passionate about using Pilates and exercise to help others recover from injury, illness and personal setbacks. Shannon is a fitness enthusiast and, in addition to Pilates, is a NASM certified personal trainer. Over the years, she has worked with a variety of clients to achieve their desired fitness goals.

Shannon lives in West Virginia with her fiancé and dog (a bloodhound named Watson!). During Covid, Shannon was motivated to go back to school to finish her undergraduate degree. When she isn’t studying or in the Pilates studio, Shannon loves spending time with her significant other, friends, and family! Her favorite thing to do when not in the studio is travel.

Nancy Sanchez – NCPT

Nancy’s passion is engaging her Pilates, Yoga and Personal Training clients in finding ease of movement, flexibility, stability, and strength. Her most important gifts are warmth, compassion, and creativity. Her top values are honesty, clarity, and freedom.

She taught dance during and after college, and later, in 1998, she started her journey in the Fitness and Pilates field. She has been/continues to be a Pilates and Anatomy Master Instructor/Faculty Member conducting comprehensive teacher-training curriculum for Balanced Body ® since 2009. Along with a BFA in Dance, she holds certifications from NCPT, ACE®, NASM®, and is an RYT200-hr Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga Instructor.

Nancy enjoys playing guitar, singing, doing yoga, walking outside, reading, and loving her husband, family and friends.


Dominique Takahashi – Studio Manager

Originally from the Bahamas, Dominique holds a B.A. in International Relations from American University and a minor in Psychology. As studio manager she schedules clients, answers client questions, handles social media, and makes sure all day-to-day operations run smoothly. Starting out as a client of Amy’s, she found Pilates as an effective tool for managing her chronic migraine symptoms.

Dominique lives in Leesburg, VA. She’s passionate about local farm-to-table food, volunteers with the DC Shiba Inu Rescue and is a Chicago Blackhawks fan. Have any questions about adding Pilates to your life? Email Dominique at to get started!

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