Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a series of coordinated exercises with an emphasis on breath, alignment, and controlled movements.  By combining deep core strengthening exercises with proper movement patterns, Pilates creates strength while also improving flexibility and balance.

Who can do Pilates?

Everyone!  Pilates is suitable for all clients regardless of age, ability, or experience. Because Pilates is also a low impact and supportive form of exercise, it is an excellent tool for injury rehabilitation.  Pilates has the power to be as gentle or as challenging as needed, depending on each individual client. Everyone from professional athletes to expectant mothers to the elderly can benefit from doing Pilates.

Why should I choose Loudoun Pilates?

At Loudoun Pilates, we are not just teachers; we are students of Pilates.  We are continually striving to deepen our own education in order to provide the highest quality of Pilates instruction available.   In addition to impeccable training, our teachers offer diverse backgrounds and an incredible depth of understanding about human movement. We go beyond simply ‘teaching exercises’ to teaching our clients how to understand their own bodies and movement patterns.

What is the difference between yoga and Pilates?

Although there are many similarities between yoga and Pilates, here are some of the distinct differences:

  • Pilates exercises are a continuous movement and are never held
  • Pilates places an emphasis on developing a strong core
  • In addition to mat work, Pilates uses specialized equipment designed to both challenge and assist the client as needed.

What is the difference between Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates?

Classical Pilates includes all Pilates exercises that can be traced directly back to Joseph Pilates.  Classical Pilates teachers teach based on the philosophies of Joseph Pilates and stay true to the exercises and order of exercises that he created.  Contemporary Pilates evolved from the traditional Joseph Pilates exercises and includes different exercises, orders, and philosophies.  At Loudoun Pilates, all of our instructors are classically trained.

Is one type of Pilates class better than another?

Pilates is not intended for one piece of equipment; but rather a combination of the different equipment as well as mat work.  In the original Pilates studio in New York City, Joseph Pilates had his students move around the studio and work on different exercises in different places depending on the individual needs of that particular student.  All of the equipment and mat work create different challenges, and the benefits of Pilates are best achieved when clients experience both equipment and mat work.

What should I wear to Pilates class?

Exercise clothes that are comfortable and fitted, such as yoga clothes, are best.  Loose, baggy clothing is not ideal because it is difficult for the teachers to address position and proper alignment.  No shoes are worn in class; socks are optional.

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