What to Look for in a Pilates Studio

What to Look for in a Pilates Studio

Now that you have decided to try Pilates, the next step is finding a Pilates studio. Regardless of where you live, here are some tips for finding the right studio for you.

Different Class Types

The Pilates Method was created as a vast exercise system done on a mat as well as several types of specially designed equipment, including: reformers, chairs, towers, and barrels. Each piece of equipment offers different types of exercises, challenges and benefits. Therefore, in order to maximize the benefits, you should take Pilates classes on all the various types of equipment. Look for a fully equipped studio that offers a variety of classes on the mat and different equipment.

Leveled Classes

In addition to different class types, it is important to find a studio that assigns levels to their classes. This ensures that you take a class that is appropriate for your experience level while also challenging you. Assigning class levels is also an important factor in terms of safety. Most people hurt themselves in exercise classes because they attempt an exercise that they are not yet equipped for. The more advanced Pilates exercises require precise muscle control and training of your body. Regardless of you fitness level, if you are new to Pilates, then you need to start in a beginner Pilates class in order to learn the proper form, technique, and choreography of the exercises.

Class Sizes

Regardless of how great a Pilates instructor is, it is simply impossible to give everyone in a class the undivided attention achieved in a private lesson. Look for a studio that will cap class sizes. Keeping class sizes smaller still ensures that students can receive some personal attention and corrections. For safety reasons, it is important to minimize the number of students in a class so that the teacher is able to monitor everyone. As an example, at Loudoun Pilates we limit our equipment Pilates classes to 4 students and our mat Pilates classes to 10 students.

General Tips for Class

  • If you are confused about an exercise or what you should be doing, ask! That is what we are here for.
  • If something feels wrong or painful, let your teacher know immediately. Don’t hesitate and don’t assume you must be doing something wrong. The teacher can give you specific modifications to correct the issue.
  • Do what you can do, not what the person next to you can do. Even in a leveled class where all of the students are generally at the same ability, we are all built differently and have different strengths and weaknesses. Classes are not a competition.


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