How to Support Small Business

How to Support Small Business

We are living in unprecedented times. I don’t know about you, but any given day I feel a combination of disbelief, panic, sadness, anxiety acceptance and calm. As a small business owner, I mainly have an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. How long will this last and how will my business survive it? The answers are both unknowns right now. I have been humbled by all the clients and friends reaching out to ask how they can support Loudoun Pilates. There are many different and unique ways to support small businesses during the Covid-19 crisis. Here is how you can support Loudoun Pilates.

Do Pilates 

The physical location may be closed, but Loudoun Pilates is still open for business. We immediately unveiled our virtual studio and have daily classes for all levels. The format is a little different because the instructors are physically doing the class with you. This way, you are able to have a visual in addition to our teaching. Establishing a daily routine is instrumental in maintaining your health (and sanity)!

Do Private Lessons

If you did privates at the studio, you should still do privates now. A computer screen does not change our ability to give you completely customized Pilates-based workout with an individualized attention to form and alignment. There are lots of inexpensive props you can buy on Amazon to enhance your lessons and there are even LOTS of tools around your house that we can use to give you a unique workout. Some clients have offered to let us still run them for their weekly lessons, which is SO kind, but we WANT to teach you! We WANT to continue giving you our expertise, guidance and support during these challenging times.

Many businesses are suggesting that gift card purchases are a great way to offer support. We do sell gift cards and that is also a great option. However, we want to support YOU in this by continuing to provide excellent Pilates instruction. Your health is more important than ever and with several months ahead of us, it is vital that you continue to focus on the progress you have made with Pilates. So, do you want to support Loudoun Pilates now to ensure there is a studio to go back to later? Then do what you have always done. Pilates.

— Amy