20 Reasons to do Pilates in 2020

1. Enhance core strength

Pilates is all about the core, baby!  Our philosophy is that moving from a strong and controlled core is the essence of exercise and living a healthy life.  But don’t think it’s all fancy sit-ups…Pilates will help you develop a strong core in an array of movements and positions!

2. Strengthen ALL muscles

Yes, Pilates is very closely associated with improving core strength.  But it doesn’t stop there!  Pilates will strengthen all of your muscles.  The big ones, the small ones, and even the ones you didn’t know you had!  Despite what some professionals might tell you, simply strengthening your core alone will not solve all your weakness and pain problems.  We will address it all and you will get stronger EVERYWHERE and feel better.

3. Increase precise muscle control

Small movements make a big difference and Pilates focuses on refined movement skills to establish a stronger and more controlled body.  Our clients are often astonished when a seemingly small tweak or adjustment in their body takes an exercise to a completely different level.

4. Develop greater flexibility and range of motion

Oftentimes when people hear the word “flexibility” they immediately envision ballerinas and cirque du soleil performers.  Don’t worry, that is NOT our goal.  However, adequate flexibility and range of motion in our muscles and joints is key to living a healthy and active lifestyle.

5. Fix postural alignment

Are you looking down at your phone while you read this?  Are your shoulders rounded forward?  These positions can affect our posture and lead to neck and back pain.  There can also be a domino effect down the body so addressing postural alignment is a primary focus in Pilates

6.  Improve balance

No one wants to fall.  Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury and death in seniors?  Balance is a key component of walking and daily life, although you might not even realize it!  Pilates has many different tools to work on balance training to get you stronger and more confident navigating life.

7. Assist with injury prevention and rehabilitation

Increasing strength, flexibility, range of motion and posture will all help ward off injury and are instrumental in injury recovery.  Did you know that Pilates’ inception was in injury rehabilitation?  Many people find their way into a Pilates studio as they are leaving their PT clinic.  With various types of equipment and an unlimited potential of movements, Pilates is an ideal form of exercise for injury rehab.

8. Promote heightened body awareness

Oftentimes, we are completely unaware our own bodies tendencies.  Sometimes those tendencies are good and other times they hinder us.  Pilates is designed to highlight those tendencies so we can create change and control in our movements.

9. Create proper movement patterns

First we break it down and then we build it up!  The key to creating correct movement patterns is identifying the faulty ones, which may be contributors to pain and/or weakness.  Proper movement patterns are instrumental for safety, success and change.  The smallest tweak can make the biggest change!

10. Versatility

With different types of equipment, props, mats and literally hundreds of exercises, Pilates in one of the most versatile workouts out there.  We can tailor workouts to the individual needs of anyone.  Literally anyone.  From beginner to advanced and injured to elite athlete, Pilates can provide the right workout that both challenges and supports any ‘body’.

11. Manage chronic conditions and illness

Oftentimes, people living with chronic conditions are fearful and intimidated to exercise. However, Pilates offers a safe and versatile option. For those living with chronic conditions and illness, Pilates offers the ability to build strength, mobility and target specific parts of the body that may need extra attention

12. Reduce chronic pain

Movement is medicine! Amazing things happen when you get moving to build strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance. Exercise also releases endorphins, a chemical inside your brain that, among other things, helps reduce pain!

13. Boost energy

Pilates increases blow flow and oxygenation throughout the entire body, which stimulates the body and brain! Don’t forget that exercise endorphins and dopamine, both of which play an important role is elevating our mood and happiness!

14. Alleviate back pain

With a focus on the spine and building core strength, Pilates does wonders for the back. Back pain can be the result of many different things: injury, weakness, tightness, posture, misalignment, or instability. Good thing Pilates addresses all those things.

15. Improve your sport/activity

Pilates can be tailored to each individual, which means we can work to enhance specific skills. Golfers and baseball players might need more rotational work while a dancer might need more mobility and push off. We have so many tools and tricks within the Pilates method to train different skills in an array of positions.

16. Low-impact exercise

Pilates allows you to work all of your muscles in different gravitational planes and with varying degrees of support. The specially designed equipment and springs used offer a combination of challenge and assistance to all body types.

17. Stimulate your brain

Your brain controls every single things you do and new neuro-connections are formed all the time. Connecting your brain to your body and new movement patterns mean new pathways are being formed. The more you do something, the stronger that pathway becomes and the better you will get.

18. Relieve stress

Life can be so stressful! Studies show that low-moderate intensity exercise, like Pilates, can help lower cortisol levels. Add in the release of endorphins produced by exercise and you are sure to feel your best.

19. Have fun

Pilates is fun. Really fun! The equipment is unique, challenging, and humbling. There are hundreds of different exercises and some have really cool animal names like elephant, swan, squirrel and cat. When exercise is fun, it becomes something you look forward to and is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

20. Join a community

We know Pilates is fun and doing with others is even more fun! In a world where we are more connected with technology, it is easy to lose what truly brings us all together: community. A community provides support, encouragement, laughter and motivation. Be part of a community. We look forward to welcoming you to ours.